The widest HST/WFC3 imaging survey in F160W

Hubble Space Telescope (HST) resolution is crucial in measuring the structural properties of high-redshift or blended galaxies. However, large area surveys are traditionally observationally expensive to obtain with HST, especially in the near-infrared. The COSMOS-DASH survey utilizes the novel “Drift And SHift” (DASH) technique to efficiently observe up to eight pointings in a single orbit using HST. This is done by guiding with gyros alone (i.e. diabling fine guidance sensors after the first pointing), which allows for wide-area surveys in the NIR with HST resolution, including the 0.49 square degree COSMOS-DASH survey. I lead the creation of the COSMOS-DASH morphological catalog, which provides structural parameters for over 50,000 galaxies with an increased number of massive galaxies.

The COSMOS-DASH mosaics and morphological catalog, along with a more detailed description of the program are available on the COSMOS-DASH MAST page.

Sam E. Cutler
Sam E. Cutler
Astronomy PhD Student